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501a Port Road, PO Box 148 Whangamata Holiday Homes: 07 865 7990 Permanent Rentals: 07 865 7960

The following information is applicable to permanent tenants (not short term occupiers). This guide will step you through our process to help you secure you a rental property:

Step 1

Check out our properties for rent in the Whangamata and surrounding region. Please note that the property you are looking at may already be in the process of being let, so have a look for second and third options just in case.

Step 2

Fill out our pre tenancy application form. Click here to fill it in online or feel free to download a copy here and either email or fax it to us or come in and see us. Please fill in all areas including attaching a colour copy of your drivers license. Please disclose all required information so that we can process your application accordingly. If we take it to the credit check stage we will require $20 for this to get past this stage.

Step 3

Please wait for our rental department to contact you, or you can call to make an appointment with our property manager. It is best to make an appointment with our property managers on Monday, Wednesday, Friday or Saturday as our property management department is closed Thursday and Sunday. Before an appointment can be made with a property manager, we need your pre tenancy application form completed.

Just to recap..........

Please ensure that if you download the pre tenancy application form, or fill it in online, that you attach and fill in all necessary information including a colour copy of your drivers license. Please read the details fully so that you do not miss anything out.

Every application requires a credit check for an application to be processed. If required we can give you a copy of your credit check which we get from TINZ if you need it. Your application and references will be made available to the owner should they wish to see them and a decision on who an appropriate tenant will be made based on our recommendation.

To fill in our pre tenancy application form online click here

To download our pre tenancy application form click here

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